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Auction Closing Procedure

This post contains information about auction closing procedures, confirmations of winning bids, the donation process, donation confirmation and thoughts on sharing the wonderful works created as part of help_chile.

Please read the entire post before asking questions. If you have any questions about any of the topics in this post, other than questions concerning the charities selected, feel free to ask them in a comment to this post; if you have questions about the charities, please read the post here and ask your question there.

What's the quick and dirty version of the closing/notification/donation/confirmation/creation process?

The auction will close at 16:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on Wednesday 10th, 2010. About half an hour later, the comm. mods will inform to the Offerors can start notifying the winning bidder in a reply to your winning bid. In the afternoon of XX (GMT) comm. mods will also start notifying winning bidders - you can tell we're official by the shiny "You've won!" icons we will have!

Once you've been notified that you won, you can donate to any of the charities listed in this post or in our UNICEF site.

It doesn’t matter if the donations are via Internet or made in person, because the comm. mods will know if you have donated. Then, the comm. mods will notify to each Offeror that their winning bids have donate.

Once you've made your donation, the process of fulfilling your bid can begin. The Offerors will be informed so they can create/send/work on your winning item. Remember that you have their emails and the comm. mods will give them yours. That way you can keep in contact.

Okay, okay. Now, more details, please?

When the clock strikes noon, what will happen?

All comments/replies in this comm. will be screened for approximately thirty minutes; this means that any bids placed after noon will not be visible, and will never be unscreened as they will not count.

After thirty minutes (although it may be as much as an hour), we will switch the settings so only comments on the Offering posts are screened.


This gives us a chance to shut down bidding rapidly. But because of the quirks of LJ, comments will be sent out even though they are screened; therefore, if you are an Offeror and get notification of a "bid" on your item that was made after noon, please disregard it.

Note: We can tell whether bids have been edited; we will look to the time at which the post was edited to determine the time of bid.

How are you going to let winners know they've won?

There are two methods that we are going to use: Both the Offeror can let the Winning Bidder know as explained below, and the Comm Mods will let the Winning Bidder know.

After the comm. mods contact the Offerors informing them who have won their offerings, the Offeror is going to reply to the winning bid notifying he/she have won!

Congratulations! Now, you can donate right now or just wait for the confirmation of the comm. mods. They are going to reply to the winning bids the next day after the Offerors do. It is like more official, if you want to call it that way. Because the mods will use an “You’ve won!” icons.

I won! How do I donate?

You can donate via Internet or in person (i.e.: bank account). Here are all the ways you can donate from your country or you can donate in our UNICEF site.

When do I have to donate by?
Deadline is on Monday 15th, 2010, around 18:00 PM (GMT). Of course, the sooner you donate, the better, as the Offeror isn't supposed to start work on it or ship it until the donation confirmation is in.

OMG! I donated before bidding closed! Does it count?
If you didn't use that donation receipt as confirmation for something else, it will count as long as you donated after Wednesday 3rd, 2010.

Squee! I won multiple things! Do I have to donate for each separately?
No, you can do one donation to cover everything if you want to - you don't have to! You just have to send an email to help_chile[at]hotmail[dot]com with all the details (whose offering you won and the donation for each separately, then the comm. mods calculate if the numbers match and it’s done!)

I've donated! How do I confirm that I've donated?

When you donate you must get a receipt. If you donate electronically, it should be emailed to you; you can screencap the on-screen confirmation or the one that is emailed to you. If you donate in person, get a written receipt; if you have a written receipt please write your LJ username and/or email address on it, then scan or photograph it. If you donated via text messaging, confirmation should be in your online phone management system; please screencap the confirmation.

You can confirm your donation by forwarding the screencap, scan or photo to help_chile[at]hotmail[dot]com. Subject: CONFIRMATION OF DONATION.

In your confirmation, please include the URL(s) for you winning bid(s) and the amount(s) of the winning bid(s).

We are expecting a big influx of confirmations in the first few days after the Auction closes, so don't be surprised if the help_chile mods don't reply to your confirmation for a day or two. If we haven't replied after three days, please send it again, and put RESEND in the subject.

I'm concerned about personally identifying information! Can I redact anything on my electronic receipt?

Definitely. If it's an electronic receipt, after screencap it, edit it. If it’s an written receipt and you’ve already photographed it or scanned it, edit it.

How? Use Paint or other software of this kind to draw a black line on the personally identifying information. Just strike the information you want to protect from us.

We need to be able to see the name of the entity you donated to and their address, the date/time of donation, the amount donated, a confirmation number and either (a) the first letter of your first and last name, or (b) your entire first name. (Remember to write your LJ username if it’s a written recipe).

WHEW! Lots of information, we know. But everyone has been wonderufully self-organized so far, and we just need to get past these little complexities to end this first round of the help_chile auction successfully.

THANK YOU ALL so much for all your help, your offers, your bids and your support! FOR EVERYTHING! You, guys, rock!

help_chile also want to thanks help_haiti for letting us use their Auction Closing Procedure as an example for this one. Your kindness is amazing!

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