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02 March 2010 @ 09:17 pm
First Round Writers  
First round Writers in English

Bidding Rules:

Bid by commenting to the Offering post.

Bids must be raised by at least a dollar per bid (U.S. Dollar, no exception)

Please do not delete comment containing a bid - if you have an issue, please comment to your bid explaining what happened, or contact a Comm mod.

How to bid:

The Writers have posted every offering from this type below in a comment like this example:

User Name: Fandomy Person
Email address: mine at mail dot com
You can see things I've created at: Link to my fanfiction
I am offering: Fanfiction, with a minimum of ____ words.
Fandoms and Pairings: Harry Potter, Sakura Card Captors, X-Files.
Preferred Genre or topics: Drama, insight of romantic couples.
Additional; Warnings, Info (optional): no m-preg, no slash.
Language: English or other that it's not spanish.
Donation Minimum: $3

Read them and if you like one or more, then bid! You just have to write a reply to the offering with your bid (i.e.: $5).

This auction will close on March, 10th, at 16:00 pm GMT.

The offers ends at March, 5Th 23:59 GMT

If I win the offering, what happens next?

Then, read the Auction Closing Process very closely.

Now how it works in this post:


Edit: Attention WritersOur Awesome and generous offerors: Writers, artist, graphic artist, fanviders and fanmixers
don't offer more than you already offered for this first round.

If you want to participate as an OFFEROR you can join "The Convocation Entry"

and the Comm so you stay alert for the second round or lightning rounds we will do soon after the end of the end of the first round auction!!

copy paste the code and fill it.
and maintain to be this awesome like you are now and forever!!!

Edit: Attention Writers if you want to offer more than one fic you can do separate post for your easy understanding convenience.But in any case i will notify you of the winners so don't worry if your thread sound chaotic!! ;)
Finally if you did the thread and you have bidders you can't delete your post!



post their bid in dollars and wait for the end of the auction and You maintain being awesome like right now!


If the offeror accept two or three fics or drables. Please put which fandom or pairing you are bidding for in your post. If someone wants more than one, they can put one bid on each in the same post.
If you have any question i'm the mod of this particular auction, so ask away!!
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lady_simoriahlady_simoriah on March 3rd, 2010 07:13 pm (UTC)
User Name: lady_simoriah
Email address: daine182001@yahoo.com
You can see things I've created at: My journal & http://community.livejournal.com/rounds_of_kink/ (use tag author: lady_simoriah to find them)
I am offering: 8 500-2000 word fics or 1 fic of 5K words
Fandoms and Pairings(you can write and pairing if it is pertinent): SPN or SPN/CW RPS (would prefer AU for the RPS)
Preferred Genre or topics: slash (m/m and f/f), het, pwp, kinks, threesomes, schmoop, comedy, drama/angst, au, crossover (if I'm familiar with the series), original characters.
Additional; Warnings, Info (optional): If you're looking for something porny(NC-17) or funny or case fic I'm your gal. I do have limits on what kinks I will and won't do but for the most part the will outnumbers the won't, feel free to ask before bidding. Underage (less than 16, I don't mind writing high school age) and cross gen incest are out. Dark!fic and death!fic are also out of the question. I do have several projects on tap right now (spn_j2_bigbang being the top priority and fulfilling my help_haiti requests for some very patient people) but if you're willing to wait for your fic then please bid.
Language: English
Donation Minimum: $5