First aniversary of 27-F Chilean 8.8 earthquake

Today marks the first anniversary of the 8.8 mega earthquake and tsunami in Chile. People are, to say the least, very uneasy, and very afraid.
because today there was an aftershock of 5.8 to 6.0 in Richter scale at 10:29:25 PM at epicenter

Distances 37 km (23 miles) S of Concepcion, Bio-Bio, Chile
69 km (43 miles) NE of Lebu, Bio-Bio, Chile
76 km (47 miles) WNW of Los Angeles, Bio-Bio, Chile
469 km (291 miles) SSW of SANTIAGO, Region Metropolitana, Chile

we know little of this one, apparently only damage and problems with the basic services (light, phone)

but this happened today!
A big Hug for all the people in the south of Chile!

life was difficult this year a big (VERY BIG) quantity of the people have no homes yet, only provisional accommodations.
The tourism who is the first income of the zone who was devastated was deserted this summer!

the people remember their dead ones with candles who are offered to the sea and prayers.

We must remember too the people out there who is suffering because this nature disasters, like now in New Zeland where there are 200 dead now!

Take a moment to remember the people who died this day a year past and pray for them and their families who still had not a place top call home!

news, solving problems and how we going to do now?


we have $2,187.00 dollars

in our unisef fund page!!!

A big hug for all of you!! i see some of your work and it is awesome!!!

Now News!!!

1.- We will do a Request post next, the details will come this weekend!

2.-About the actual first round procedures.

I have a great problem because i'am unable at the moment to contact the other mods who have access to the hotmail account. so if someone have any doubts please express it in here.

and if anyone have problem with sending the proof you can send it to your offeror or me by pm
or in this post telling me who is your offeror and i contact her/him.

if an artist or author have problems to reach their bidders please tell me her or via pm. and you totally can ask your bidder for the proof and go on!

3.- the heart gift in lj store is now FOR 2.99 DOLLARS and no more free months of paid account :(

4.- Finally i think i will need more hands for the next request post so if you could help i will be delighted!!!

Thanks you all for this!!!

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news, a poem! and party post!!!

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first if you donate with a vgif you can send it to this mod with your tread and we notify the authors or to the author/artist herself/himself 8 with a friendly note (i'm the winner bidder of this link auction)

i will be happy with one heart :)

Hey girls and boys!!!

we have 1.162 dollars

in our unisef fund page!!!

We must celebrate the awesomeness!!!!

first Spirit-Lily from deviant art made us a poem!!

Help Chile

All we are really

Saying is try

Don’t be shy

Hear their cries

Help save lives

A hurricane of 8.8

With help they can see a better fate

Let’s all unite

To do what’s right

Chile’s sad plight

Is our fight

Love for Chile

Peace be with you all




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Firt round: CLOSED || Primera ronda: CERRADA

The deadline to bid was at 23:59 (GMT).

Don't worry, because the comm. mods will check the time of the bid and we will know who bidded after the deadline. Any authentic winning bidder is not going to lose his/her bids.

Congratulations to the winning bidders! Between today and tomorrow, you are going to receive to replies to your winning bid. One from the Offeror and one of the comm. mods informing you that you have won! In the comm. mods’ reply, there is going to be all the information you need about how donating and receive the thing you bided for, but read the Auction Closing Procedure because it is all you need to know in there.

Offerors: you are going to receive tonight or tomorrow morning an e-mail telling you who were your winning bidder. All the instructions and info are going to be in there.

And to everyone who participated bidding or offering: THANK YOU!

Deadline to donate is on Monday 15th, at 18:00 (GMT).

If you haven’t vote for what to do next (Lighting Round, Request Post), then click here and vote.

La hora límite para ofertas fue a las 23:59 (GMT).

Y no se preocupen. Las moderadoras nos fijaremos en la hora de la oferta y así sabremos quién es el mejor pujante. Ningún mejor pujante auténtico va a perder su puja.

¡Felicitaciones a los mejores pujantes! Entre hoy y mañana, van a recibir las respuestas a suys pujas ganadoras. ¡Una de sus ofertantes y otra de las moderadoras diciéndoles que ganaron!  En la respuesta de las moderadoras, estará toda la info que necesitan saber acerca de cómo donar y recibir por lo que pujaron, pero lean el Proceso de Finalización de la Subasta porque allí está todo lo que necesitan saber.

Ofertantes: les enviaremos un -email esta noche o mañana en la mañana diciéndoles quiénes son sus mejores pujantes. Todas las instrucciones e información estarán allí.

Y todos los que participaron ya sea ofertando u ofreciendo: ¡GRACIAS!

La fecha límite para donar es Lunes 15, a las 18:00 (GMT).

Si aún no han votado para lo que haremos después de esta ronda (Ronda Relánpago, Request Post), entonces clickeen aquí y voten.

Poll for this awesome community and a little extension

We will extend

the bids to March,

of all categories to

10th 23:59 GMT for this round

Osea: la subasta termina a las 23:59 GMT hicimos una prorroga! ;)

We wants the opinions of this awesome comm/Nos gustaria su opinión

What it is better to do now?

Do a request Post
Do a lighting Round
Extend the period of this auction bids


The Next Round we must start it?

First days of April
End of March
in 10 days

Other, Specify

How i will know

what time

is it now??

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Our Unisef page is accepting donations too

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Thanks anonymous!!

and to all of you, for your offers and bidders
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